Customer questionnaire

To offer a competent manager of product required to obtain information from the client, based on the following questions:


When illuminated billboard

1. The size of the billboard

2. how many projectors now stands, how much power

3. The length of the rod spotlight fixing, the number of

4. The tilt angle of the rod, depending on the billboard

5. The required degree billboard illumination


When illuminated roadway

1. The category of road

2. The height of the support

3. Indent of the carriageway supports

4. Return the bracket

5. The bracket angle

6. The spacing between supports

6. The width of the carriageway

7. The number of lanes

8. The presence of the lawn between the oncoming lane


In architectural lighting of buildings

1. what is necessary to illuminate the area

2. where the lamp is mounted on a wall or bar

3. What level of illumination is required


When illuminated the room

1. The length of the room

2. The width of the room

3. Room height

4. The height of the lamp suspension

5. What are the requirements to illumination level

6. What is the current set lighting

7. Appointment of premises

8. Do indoors column

9. What color ceiling

10. What color floor

11. What is the wall color

12. The required level of illumination in the workplace


Example profiles to calculate the energy saving project

To calculate the energy saving project for example, one room I ask you to answer the questions:

  1. The length of the room            ____________________________________________________
  1. The width of the room         ____________________________________________________
  1. room height                          ____________________________________________________
  1. The height of the lamp suspension___________________________________________________
  1. What are the requirements for lighting____________________________________________________
  1. What is now installed lighting ________________________________________________

      What now stands kW / h for the company _______________________________________
      The cost of one lamp ___________________________________________________
      The cost of disposal or recycling ___________________________________________________
      Extras. disposal costs (replacement, removal) _______________________________________


Type of lamps

Power consumption 1 lamp

Number of lamps

Total power consumption