How to receive?

Terms of payment and transfer of goods to the customer
When you purchase a product, you can use forms of payment:
1. The calculation of non-cash (send information to e-mail).
You can pay off your current account. The customer pays the invoice for the goods in the period of 5 business days from the time of its receipt. Delivery will be made immediately after the transfer to our account;
2. Cash.
Payment is carried out in rubles to our courier. The buyer signs for the receipt of goods, puts his signature on the bill of lading. With the commodity to the buyer remains a trade and sales receipt, warranty card.

Complete security products
The company guarantees that the supplied fixtures and lamps are not subjected to the harmful effects of human health.
All products have certificates of quality and safety in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

1. Sending a leading transportation company
For regional buyers the prompt delivery of paid goods transport companies, which have been cooperating for several years. In this case the goods will be packed, and with it will be sent to all related accounting records required for reporting. Beforehand, you can calculate the shipping cost on the websites of any of the list of the transport company:

Business Line
First Expeditionary Company
Auto Trading
For more information on this service, you can contact our managers.

2. Delivery of the Moscow region
Delivery is carried out within the city and the area on weekdays from 10-00 to 18-00 hours. Typically, this occurs on the next business day after payment receipt. If you receive payment for an order you will be contacted by the company manager to update the address and time of delivery. Upon receipt of the goods you will be given an invoice, waybill. In preparation of documents for the order must provide a power of attorney, or seal of the organization.

3. Pickup
Select this option if you are comfortable delivering their own to pick up the order. After the transfer of payment for the order, you need to contact our manager to make sure that the money arrived on our account. After receiving confirmation, you will need to drive to the warehouse ex. You should have a power of attorney, or seal of the organization. Upon receipt of the goods you will be given all the necessary shipping documents.