Quality Policy

Doing fair policies, management of the company - is the best formula for business success
The quality policy defines the purpose and direction for the development of any individual organization. Allegedly she heads her in the form of specially issued document. Thus, the quality policy is now the most modern factory "Svetorezerv" is as follows:
1. Improving the quality parameters - personal responsibility and the main priority of company management.
2. The involvement of each employee in the plant a movement to significantly improve the quality of the equipment at different stages of production.
3. Improving the quality of the goods index - it is always a constant, continuous and systematic process.
4. Provide more attention to users and consumers, both within the company as well as outside it.
5. Constant awareness of the plant units on the achievements of our partners and competitors (allows to improve our work, to go "up" to the progress).
6. Involvement of the major suppliers to actively participate in our company's quality policy. This point applies to all internal and external suppliers of resources, individual components or services.
7. Particular attention is paid to the processes of education and training of employees (taking into account the need to contribute to our quality policy).
8. Quality policy of our factory must always be explained. In all our divisions corresponding propaganda is to bring it as a time to every employee. Keeping the internal or external advocacy and the exchange of relevant data include the extensive use of various methods and techniques (for example, the available media, social networks, etc.).
9. The important place is occupied by the reporting process. This is an assessment of progress in implementing the quality policy. Such statements - a standing agenda item on our analysis of the company-meetings.