27 January 2009 Russia, Moscow Svetorezerv | 1508 Energy Oil and Gas Print version | Send mail | Tag On-site Printing of College Fyodorov at Moscow Yaroslavl highway 5 installed led street lamps of the SSU-12-220 power 100 Watt that allow you to achieve savings of 75% on energy costs. Manufacturing company Svetorezerv was founded in 2003 and is engaged in the production of led lamps and searchlights for outdoor and indoor lighting. In the framework of the Federal law of 03.04.1996 No.

28-FZ as amended on 18.12.2006 On energy Saving, the company has prepared the project of lighting the city streets and buildings through the introduction of energy-saving led technology. The use of the company's products allows to achieve energy savings of up to 75% freeing up power grids. To implement the energy saving policy of the state based on efficient use of energy resources, the company proposes to use innovative led lamps for street series SSU-220V 70 Watt analog 250 Watt lamps DRL-HPS & led floodlight series PRS-21 220 Watt analogue 150 Watt halogen bulb.

Significant advantages of operation of led lamps and прожекторов1. The lamp's service life up to 100,000 hours up to 12 years of continuous operation 2. Ultra-high efficiency энергопотребления3. The full environmental security does not require special утилизации4. High reliability of mechanical strength vibration resistance 5.

Led lamps achieves a high contrast of light 6. Led floodlights have the ability to direct the light поток7. The complete absence of harmful effect of low-frequency pulsations 8. No network congestion at the time of inclusion led светильников9. Instant ignition and stable performance at any temperature 10.

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