Manufacture of lighting fixtures and suspension systems CSVT ORION-60 CSVT ORION-110 CSVT ORION-160 LED lamps are an effective replacement for fluorescent and other types of lighting. Due to the greater light output instant start led lamp does not require time to warm up and greater efficiency of these lamps, their popularity is only growing. Buy LED lamp solution is very advantageous because they have low power consumption do not contain mercury and do not require special conditions of disposal are maintenance-free and have a much longer service life that affect the final cost of operating this type of lighting. The company Centrstroyinvest offers services for the production and sale of lighting equipment of various types for business commercial and industrial space. We sell products throughout the territory of Russia and is represented in such major cities as Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Saint Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

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We give a guarantee of 5 years on what we bought lighting equipment will conform to the stated parameters and does not fail. We use manufacturing techniques also allow us to produce industrial led lamps that have the same advantages but is adapted for use in a production environment and have a high degree of protection IP. Therefore, You will be equally beneficial to equip the office ceiling bulbs with LEDs or fluorescent lamps and to install such lighting equipment in industrial buildings. To make the office space comfortable led lighting is easy with our technology, production and sales which provide a great assortment and reasonable prices for lighting products. If.