Price from 9 45000 RUB. Price from 2 00000 RUB. Price from 9 90000 RUB. Price from 2 was 10000 RUB. Price from 7 was 60000 RUB.

Price from, 000. Price from 2 was 55000 RUB. Our advantages To find a dealer Mounted lamps series CER DSO DVO FPL FRL PR. The total number of more than 15 000. Set DSO 01-45-50 - D J the Sword in the quantity 220 PCs and MFIs 01-165-50-sh of 215 PCs.

Mounted lamps DSO 03-70-50-D in the city of Chelyabinsk, Samara, Krasnoyarsk. The total quantity 6000 PCs Mounted lamps DSO 01-48-50-D prism in the quantity of 90 pieces For architectural illumination of facades of houses was set 967 lamps of the DSO. Nizhny Novgorod Bilbao Saint Petersburg Moscow Kazan Almaty Krasnoyarsk Khabarovsk The company performs a full production cycle. Production capacity of the company to date, allow to provide conformity of all products to modern standards and the requirements of security. Factories Fereks established automated production of led lamps to achieve excellent quality of products allows modern German equipment.

The plant employs highly skilled specialists-designers, so we offer our clients not only standard but also customized solutions. You can buy led lamps in Moscow any configuration of any design and capacity to implement any of the schemes of lighting. About the brand FEREKS FEREKS is a young and dynamic brand of led luminaires, OOO Torgovaya FEREKS. The scope of activities of TORGOVYJJ Dom FEREKS development and production of economical, reliable and affordable led lighting. The development of led lamps the company started in 2010.

Today FEREKS one of Russia's largest led production facilities. In the Arsenal of two of the plant design Department of highly qualified engineers working in the system through the design ProEngineer. Own lighting laboratory which is part of the goniophotometer can measure the strength of the light distribution of all manufactured products and shaping them for ies files. Capacities of the company allow to produce about 50 thousand units per month. The range includes over 100 kinds of led lamps for different purposes lamps for lighting manufacturing warehouse office shopping sports and other facilities and fixtures for street lighting and architectural illumination.

Executive network, the company implemented thousands of projects led lighting FEREKS in various fields. The experience and production capabilities allow us to produce led lighting of the highest quality.