Once solar panels were used only in space. Today any home or land available lighting devices using solar energy. Led lights solar powered Autonomous durable easy to install and maintain. The contents All the led street lamps on solar batteries are arranged like and consist of A bright Sunny day, the device may accumulate so much energy that it's enough for 10-12 hours of lighting. In cloudy weather the battery is also charging but the generated current is much weaker.

Energy in this case is enough for 5-6 hours of work. The controller automatically lights the lamp at night and during the day puts the lamp in the charging mode. Typically, the lamps are supplied with additional manual switch which allows to turn off the light when needed no light. Wall svetilniki some models, the controller may optionally control the light level. For example, in standby mode the lights can Shine on 50% power and triggered the motion sensor switch to full light.

This increases the operating length of the lamp with the same battery. The solar-powered lights have several advantages Led panel is protected from atmospheric sadkovskaya panel street lamp is protected dust-and waterproof canopy is not afraid of no rain or snow. For the industrial enterprises panel is made explosion-proof. When mounting the system it is necessary to calculate the required luminous flux number of lamps and the height of the support. Full autonomy makes the installation of street lighting system is very simple.

No need to plan and calculate the laying of a cable to negotiate the connection. Led lamp contains no gas and harmful substances, does not emit heat during operation and uses low current that does its absolutely safe device. Working street lamp for solar cells in a wide temperature range from -50 to +50 degrees. Such lamps have a long service life of about 25 years. It is determined by the service life of main elements of the system solar panels and LEDs.

However the service life of the Nickel-cadmium battery less and is 10-15 years. So over time will need replacing. After replacing the battery the lantern will serve more. The main disadvantage of street lamp of this type is reduced to its dependence on sunlight. If the region's few Sunny days dominated by cloudy weather, the lamp will be working inefficiently.

In the Northern regions apart from reducing the total number of solar days in a year increases the risk of failure of the battery at low temperatures. In very hot regions opposite.