Led module series Premium on the basis of LUXEON LEDs premium package for Your business. Consists of three types of modules 6 8 9 LEDs. All modules have a uniform hole geometry which coincides with any of the modules manufactured by Trion. Each module comes with pads for soldering and are available in a color temperature of 5000K. Modules are made on the basis of the premium led's from the company Lumileds 3030 2D is designed for both office and industrial lighting.

Modules LX6 and LX8 compatible driver STAR35-300350 and STAR40-300350 and is intended mainly for office lighting. Module LX9 rated at 700 mAh and is compatible with the power source STAR55-350700 and can be used for both industrial and office lighting. Quality lighting of industrial complexes is an integral part of creating conditions for comfortable and safe working at the plant. Dust dirt temperature extremes humidity can all affect the operation of the lamps. Therefore, it is important a responsible approach to the construction of the lamp.

The company's main activity is the production of LGT of led luminaires for industrial and street purposes. Among the projects in the light industrial areas and the design of the lighting factory Star. PAO STAR, Russia's largest manufacturer of compact high-speed light diesel engines, multi-purpose. The company was founded in 1932 and is located in Saint Petersburg. Company LGT highlighted several of the workshops in the Star where high temperatures, high humidity and dust as well as office and public areas throughout the plant.

The project used led lamps LGT-Prom-Arctic LGT-Office-Classic. Congratulations to our parent company EXPERT happy birthday Today we celebrate 12 years old. 12 years of steady continuous development of the market of printed circuit boards and contract manufacturing. Congratulations to our partners Barnaul company EST with the opening of the first phase of the landmark regional shopping center facility pioneer located in Barnaul's city centre. Lighting of the shopping center is implemented on an individual project developed by engineers based on high quality and the most effective element base Trion.

Four floors of shopping center and light hundreds of lamps designed by considering all features of operation and hygiene of lighting large shopping center. The realization of the objects of this level is the result of hard work of our partners. Congratulations on achieving new heights and we wish not to stop.