LGT-Office-Armstrong Office led lamp LGT-Office-Premium-30 led Office lamp LGT-Office-Premium-30-IP65 led Office lamp LGT-Office-Premium-G-30 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Premium-36 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Premium-36-IP65 led Office lamp LGT-Office-Premium-G-36 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Classic-30 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Classic-30-IP65 led Office lamp LGT-Office-Classic-G-30 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Classic-36 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Classic-36-IP65 led Office lamp LGT-Office-Classic-G-36 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Vita-20 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Vita-36 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Vita-45 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Vita-50 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Sector-15 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Sector-30 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Sector-36 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Tenzor-15 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Tenzor-30 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Tenzor-36 Office led lamp LGT-Office-Maxi-60 led Office lamp Currently, the choice of lighting when constructing office space has an important role because the qualitative lighting the office staff feel well do not experience ailments due to the poor lighting and their efficiency increases. Also plays a big role, cost and efficiency of lighting. Led office lighting can save electricity up to 90% but they are more expensive than fluorescent. However, these lamps pay for themselves in a year of use and further save Your money. One of the main activities of the company LGT is the production of office led lamps.

Within a few years of work in this field, the company has accumulated great practical experience which provides consistently high quality and excellent performance of all products. Company LGT has its own design Department and production office lamps is carried out on modern high-tech equipment from the best raw materials. The main advantage of led is low power consumption. This factor is important not only for saving money but also allows not to overload the network. Each office is equipped with computer peripherals and equipment together with old lamps heavily load the supply substation.

At the same time, one office led lamp is replaced the lamp with gas discharge or fluorescent lamps helps you to save around 70 percent of electricity. The second reason to buy led office lighting is increased durability, which can significantly reduce.