Nowadays street lighting is paid great attention. Therefore, they are used everywhere for lighting the streets and avenues of Parking garages in their own private yards, in Parking lots, etc. From the quality of lighting in the dark depends the people's safety as many accidents occur precisely because of the poor lighting conditions of a street segment. In this regard, street lighting has a number of differences from the inside and also has unique specifications and connectivity options. Recently gaining popularity of led lamps for street lighting pole.

All the street lights have different purposes of use. Currently lighting with led bulbs is replacing the traditional street lighting while providing good illumination and reasonable savings in the subsequent operation. Led lights on the pole can be used for lighting railway stations, airport runways and other industrial enterprises in addition powerful led spotlights used in the theatre to create special effects of mass entertainment and unique light show. The led street lamps used for outdoor lighting of streets of city and private territories. Depending on the scope of the street lights are on the device and the method of placement.

For public streets and highways are used primarily designs which are placed on poles and concrete poles. They are characterized by high strength and resistance. Perhaps the most important feature of led street lamps is the fact that in any weather they give a soft warm and bright light. This is achieved by quality street lighting and urban roads. Also important advantage is their resistance to high humidity, or on the contrary high temperature.

They are also not afraid to shock, vibration and mechanical damage. Today street lights with LEDs represents a separate area which provides many additional features. In the list of new updates of the lamps also includes a new equipment and different design options. Led street lights can have a centralized management system different colors and various shapes. Like any other device, the led street lamp has a degree of protection from external influences.

Usually on the product label are present, the special IP code which indicates the degree of protection and two digits to the first one from 0 to 6 indicates the degree of protection against penetration.