The provision of quality street lighting - traditionally not the easiest task for Russian cities. Especially if you take into account the fact that the street lights lamps produced in our country in most cases do not differ high indicators of reliability and resistance to mechanical damage to various acts of vandalism. Besides the very relevant questions associated with cost effective street lighting. One of the solutions to the above problems can be the led street lights which is a light source with no filaments. Led street lamps - the perfect lighting solution for roads, squares, streets, highways, yards of industrial plants for decorative lighting of various buildings.

Today they are widely used in the field of outdoor advertising in particular for illumination of billboards, outdoor signage and so on. Among the advantages which can boast of led street lamps is worth noting first and foremost the economy. Compared to traditional light sources fluorescent lamps. incandescent lamps led lamps consume very little power ensuring in this way a sufficiently high capacity - up to 240 watts. It is worth mentioning a high level of protection of such lamps to negative environmental influences through the use of modern led resistance to temperature changes in a wide range from - 40 to + 40 degrees Celsius.

Do not forget about the durability of led lamps. So the service life of led lamps is about 100 0000 hours, which is about 25 years of daily use. Eco-friendliness and ease of design high immunity against mechanical stress, in particular to vandalism no adverse stroboscopic effect, make led lighting a great option for street lighting. The more that a high contrast of lighting provides high quality lighting street objects. How to choose the led street lamps Conventionally led street lamps can be divided into several groups hanging wall ground recessed.

Depending on what task needs to resolve the lamps are selected designs of one type or another. Also carefully chosen the desired temperature range protection level - it is necessary to focus on climatic weather conditions. So for example, for St. Petersburg it is better to choose waterproof lamps while for southern regions the resistance to low temperatures is.