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Power consumption from the mains, W: 66
Current consumption from the network A: 0,3
Power delivered to the load, W: 60
The angle of the luminous flux disclosure deg .: 45х60
Luminous flux, lm / W: 100
Luminous flux: 6000
Number of connected LED modules, W: 2х30
Number of channels power LED modules: 2
Case dimensions, mm: 380х310х110
Weight, kg: 6


Industrial lighting fixtures are used with special requirements. Lamp requirements apply depending on the type of production, they should be easy to maintain and operate, most durable against mechanical damage, withstand tough working conditions, work properly in the presence of an aggressive environment, have an optimum level of ripple and high color rendering index. When working with moving parts is recommended to use luminaires with minimum ripple level.

For industrial lighting fixtures of special purpose special requirements of fire safety, high resistance to harsh environments, mechanical shocks. Lighting should work in conditions of high humidity and dust and can withstand a wide range of operating temperatures.

The objects are special-purpose steel, oil and gas, mining companies, gas stations, objects of the railway infrastructure, mines, as well as a variety of explosive premises.

When designing lighting production, taking into account all factors that may affect the correct operation of the lighting of each section of the room. According to its characteristics LED lighting is much higher than other types of sources, and in some circumstances, may be the only option.

There are a number of advantages of LED lighting:

1. Energy saving;
2. Environmentally friendly;
3. High durability;
4. Possibility of dimming;
5. High contrast ratio;
6. Low ripple;
7. A wide range of operating temperatures;
8. Safety of operation;
9. Reliability;

The lighting in the industrial sector is the basis of security, which should not be neglected. Inadequate lighting makes it difficult to carry out works and increases the risk of accidents. For the implementation of the optimal variant of lighting designers industrial lighting paying attention to energy efficiency, optimum lighting, illumination uniformity on the basis of existing factors and conditions.

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