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Model ССУ-180-2
Input voltage: AC 90-274
Frequency Hz 50
Power: In 180
Power factor: PF 0,95
angle: 60/120
Luminous flux: lm 18000
Color Temperature: K 5000-6000
Color rendering index: Ra 80
IP: 65
material: aluminum, glass
Dimensions: A / B / C 335/305/155
The weight: 6,65

LED illuminating series industrial device SSA-180-2, is generally used for lighting engineering and technical facilities, and warehouses and other open areas. Can be used for other tasks, for example, for lighting parks and streets. Lamp reliable same as when working in tight spaces, which are not equipped with ventilation and open, no smoking areas. It is weatherproof, so resistant to critical negative or zero temperature, and different climatic conditions. So, to extend the scope of this type of lamps. One of the engineering solutions are used in its construction the pivot mechanism (bracket) that allows you to adjust the angle of inclination, respectively, and the degree of illumination cone of light. Housing SSA-180-2 series is made of durable and environmentally-friendly materials that give a plus to the service life and ease of use of this device. LED elements are designed for a considerable period of use, along with high capacity and moderate power consumption vary. In the production of advanced standards have been applied and guests. Lineup of LED lighting industry data consists of more than 30 models.

With a fairly strong optoelectronics development of the market of light sources were efficient tools of the new generation - a semiconductor or LED lighting. Because very large popularity of LED fixtures in Moscow offers a broad range and variety of goods. The huge demand for this new product of modern lighting technology is explained by relatively high energy-saving possibilities in comparison with halogen, fluorescent lamps and classic. Manufacturer's constantly improving technical characteristics of LED-systems, so they are becoming more affordable and efficient, and their scope of application wider.

Plant «buytubes.com» successfully works in Moscow in the manufacture of modern lighting technology. By using modern high-tech equipment, studying the experience of leading domestic and foreign institutions, qualified staff are always working to expand its range.

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