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Electrical specifications:  
AC voltage supply, V: 90-265
frequency Hz 50/60
The power unit, W 240
Power factor, PF 0,95 +/- 5%
Temperature range, ° C  -45 - +50 °С
Class of protection against electric shock in accordance with GOST R IEC 60598-1-2003  I
Characteristics of light:  
Luminous flux 24177 +/- 5%
Color temperature, K 5000-6000
The angle of the luminous flux disclosure Grad 60/120
Color Rendering Index, CRI >80
Type of light intensity curve Cosine
Emission of the harmonic components of the network / broadcast GOST R 51318.15-99 Ultra-low
overheating protection function there is
housing options  
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 635/305/155
Overall package dimensions (LxWxH) mm 640*340*210
Weight, kg 8,55
Gross Weight 10
Bore diameter lamp, mm 60
Protection class module, IP 65
Protection class unit, IP 67
Climatic performance UKhL 1
Colour gray / black

LED direction today is considered the most promising technology over lighting solutions. No one disputes that the LED lights and

issued on the basis of their fixtures are great popularity and strongly overshadow other energy-saving technologies. LED lamps have occupied 26% in the lighting market. LED Industrial Light SSA-240-2 is an analogue of industrial lamp, which set the lamp DRL 1000, but the SSA-240 is more profitable, because it is much more durable and economical.

Typically, such lamps can equip any room ceilings and under moderate suspension height (small and medium). They are used for lighting of objects: storage space, underground parking lots, garages, industrial and agricultural purposes, and premises with the official use of environment moderate or aggressive. LED systems are ideal for lighting areas with moisture or dust. Industrial LED illuminating device SSA-240 series has already proved itself in the Russian and CIS market.

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