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Power, W* 2±0.5
Voltage V 85-265
Protection class IP 45
Luminous flux lm 200-220
Colour temperature K 2600-3700  5000-6000
Life time no less 40000
Dimensions mm Φ35*123мм
Temperature, C от -20 до +40

Led lamps, which are represented by a series of LMS, considered the current generation of lamp light sources. They are well replace fluorescent energy-saving lamps and incandescent light bulbs usual. Launch is, usually with E27, E40, E14. All LED light bulbs are equipped with built-in power supply units, making it possible to connect the product directly to 220V.

Operating lamps submitted time is approximately 10 years, with continuous operation. High reliability, excellent lighting characteristics, a complete environmental safety and low power consumption - the most important advantages of the new series, the relative LED lights popular analogues on the market.

Illuminating devices with E14 and E27 are characterized by a very high moisture barrier properties are fairly broad in scope. Also presented lamps with LEDs and can be purchased for home at an affordable price, with delivery to the Russian Federation. You only need to make a phone call, the site, or send a letter with the application form by e-mail.

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