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Power W *                                          4 ± 0.5
Voltage                                               85-265
protection class IP                              45
Luminous flux                                     400-420 lm
Color Temperature K                          2600-3700 5000-6000
The service life of at least                  40,000
Dimensions mm Φ35 *                       123mm
Temperature range, C                        -20 to +40

LED lamps slowly but steadily replacing outdated incandescent and fluorescent energy saving common good, because manufacturing of LED lamps is becoming bigger. LED lamps LMS (LMS) - a new milestone in the field of lamp light sources. As a rule, they have E14, E40, E27 and are equipped with power supplies, thanks to which you can connect them directly to 220V. Buy LED light bulbs have only once in 10 years, because they have a very long service life. These bulbs are characterized by reliability, high energy-saving properties and environmental safety.

Today, the data LED lamps to buy - no longer a problem. Almost any shop or warehouse lighting provides a wonderful choice of models. If you want to buy LED bulbs wholesale, solution to the problem is to contact a company specializing in LED bulbs. It can be delivered on time and the installation of light sources in the required area. LED bulbs are also available at wholesale conditions at the lowest prices, call or contact via e-mail.



10 march 2017, 10:45

A GOOD SITE! VERY AVAILABLE INFORMATION. The lamps were installed and our house was very beautifully transformed, and the economy is great!

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Bright LED lamps VIXMA

Светодиодные лампы Е40

LED Bulbs E40

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LED Bulbs E27

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LED Bulbs E14

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