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LED lamp model LMS-30 is completely safe for the atmosphere and no need for disposal. This model has the standard E14 socket, which allows its use in all fixtures, which are calculated on the base and have sufficient moisture protection properties.

The main qualities of the lamps with LEDs that have E27, is a versatile and economical to use. One of the main reasons for their prevalence is the long service life of approximately 50 thousand. Hours, and LED-lamps with E27, which are suitable for almost all existing fixtures. Each model has a number of its features, which are the main parameter in the selection of a particular model of light bulbs that are designed to work on the network 220. LED lamps with E27 base or E14 successfully replace conventional halogen lamps 25W and 60W. Such lighting devices consume between 1W to 10W of electricity. Headlamp LED with E27 socket is mounted to the main lighting bathrooms, offices, corridors and offices, also for additional illumination of the modern interior of the designers used to illuminate shelves, mirrors and cupboards.

The main advantages of LED-lamp socket E27:

- Soft lighting without flicker;

- Long-term operation (50,000 hours and about 12 years old);

- There is no mercury in the composition;

- No heat generation;

- Most economical (relatively outdated incandescent lamps);

- Impact resistance and toughness;

- Have very high-quality aluminum housing;

Our company offers lighting devices with various forms of flasks from reliable and trusted manufacturers of components. Huge selection of different types of lenses create all conditions for comfortable lighting to human vision perception. We offer our customers only the most modern and safe lighting equipment in the right amounts, and make installation and maintenance of lighting equipment with a guarantee, create individual projects for lighting and illumination.

Power Supply, 220
Frequency, Hz 50
Color temperature, K 5000-6000
power factor 0,9
Power, W 1,5
Current consumption of the network, and 0,005
The angle of the luminous flux of disclosure, Grad. 120
Luminous flux 120
Number of LEDs, pcs 30
plinth 14/27
Dimensions (without package) mm 30 х 110
Dimensions (with packaging), mm 32 х 32 х 114
Weight (weight excluding packaging) kg 0,035
Weight (with packaging) kg 0,04


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