LED lamp е26/e27 12W 110V LMS-003

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LED lamp е26/e27 12W 110V LMS-003

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Model LMS-003 is considered to be an analogue of the lamp MEL-88, is used to illuminate the huge industrial areas and streets. LED Light Bulb This model works in the current network 220 V, 50 Hz. Change light bulbs to LEDs will enable you to significantly reduce energy costs.

Input voltage: AC 100~240
Frequency Hz 50/60
Power, W 12
Socket: E 14/27
angle: 180
Luminous flux: lm 960
Type of LED: Epistar/SMD
Color Temperature: K 5000-6000
Color rendering index: Ra 70
Operating temperature: C -20+50
Material: Aluminum+PC
Dimensions: A / B 50×180
Weight, kg 0,2


LED lamp with a cartridge E27 is one of the most promising modern light sources. These bulbs are characterized by their durability, while still equally bright throughout the entire service life, compared with the old lamps, they can last for several years. Therefore, they are highly effective, relatively outdated incandescent lamps. It is also environmentally friendly and effective product, thanks to its low power consumption. Lamp LED bulbs will replace the familiar to us, because they are the best solution to ensure the world. It is an innovative, high-tech product, which is designed in accordance with international standards.

The use of LED lamps in your home

Initially, these lamps will add comfort to your life and help you save money, as you do not have to worry about the old light bulb for several years, which may at any time explode over your head. The use of these LED lamps is much safer and more efficient, because they consume little power and do not fade with time. There is a large selection of lamps that meet any targets, including the most elite lamps and chandeliers. The use of LED lamps will definitely emphasize your status is a serious and modern man.

The efficiency of LED lamps data has already been tested and will not cause doubt. The service life of these lamps - more than 30,000 hours, while the classic lamps operate a maximum of 4000 hours. The cost of led lamps acceptable and justified, you can recoup the cost of these lamps is already very fast. Today, the most reasonable is the use of LED lamps for lighting vast spaces: shopping centers or offices.

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