LED lamp е26/e27 21W 110V LMS-128

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LED lamp е26/e27 21W 110V LMS-128

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LED lamp LMS-128 LMS-128 e27 16W 220V LED SMD. Very bright light LMS Series (LMS-128 model) with a capacity of 16W, to replace incandescent bulbs with a capacity of 150W. You can purchase energy-saving lamps, calling us on the phone hotline.

Power Supply, 220      
Frequency, Hz 50      
Color temperature, K 5000-6000      
power factor 0,9      
Power, W 21      
Current consumption of the network, and 0,08      
The angle of the luminous flux of disclosure, Grad. 120      
Luminous flux 1450      
Number of LEDs, pcs 128      
plinth 14/27      
Dimensions (without package) mm 90 х 160      
Dimensions (with packaging), mm 92 х 92 х 164      
Weight (weight excluding packaging) kg 0,27      
Weight (with packaging) kg 0,33      

LED lamps or lamps used as a light source LEDs. Led-lamp is an example of a fundamentally new light source, which has undeniable advantages over energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs, as well as in front of incandescent lamps. Typically, these lamps are involved in residential, industrial and outdoor lighting. LED lamps are among the most environmentally friendly light sources.

They include no mercury-containing elements that make lamps absolutely safe for breakages.

LED lamps have already been built in power supply, which means that the product is directly connected to the power supply and work with a voltage of 220V. Typically, the sockets E14, E27, E40 are used in the production of the entire series of lamps.

Strength, durability, carefully - it is characteristic of Led-lamps. The lamp may be a consumer over 10 years. Cost Led-lights on some models reduced to 1 ruble. Lighting of the LEDs definitely take the first place in terms of reliability, lighting characteristics, absolute environmental safety, work-life and low power consumption. Of course, these lights will press surely exist in the future. This light - one of the most popular models of lamps series LED LMS.


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Beautiful lamps for both home and commercial lighting

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