LED lamp е26/e27 13.2W 110V LMS-88

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LED lamp е26/e27 13.2W 110V LMS-88

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An analogue is a LED lamp model LMS-003.

One of the brightest lights LMS series. LED lamp consumes significantly less energy compared to an incandescent lamp. It is an entirely new generation of light sources, which are equipped with power supplies. LED lighting sources are a new generation of lighting devices which can be used in the household sector and in industry. It is expected that soon the LED devices have come to replace such devices lighting as incandescent lamps and energy-saving fluorescent lamps. All lamps have a built-in power supply, allowing you to connect these lamps directly to AC power. These lighting units are considered to be very durable, their period of continuous service up to 10 years. It is also an advantage of LED lamps include high lighting performance, low power consumption and absolute safety.

Today, LED devices become the most popular among users. The most considered obsolete incandescent lamps, which are now actively replacing fluorescent lamps and LEDs. They are more efficient than incandescent lamps. The thing is that most of the energy, approximately 80% of that consumed by the lamp filament is converted into thermal energy which heats the tungsten wire lamp with ambient air and not into light, which makes these lighting devices uneconomical. If we talk about fluorescent light bulbs, they are not very safe, because bulb contains mercury vapors that are harmful to the surrounding atmosphere and to human health. This circumstance creates some difficulties in the disposal of lighting products.

Thus, we can say that LED lights are considered to be the best option for lighting. Also worth noting is that they are much more expensive, but the costs will pay off, because LEDs - long-lasting lighting and can afford to save on energy consumption.

Power Supply, 220
Frequency, Hz 50
Color temperature, K 5000-6000
power factor 0,9
Power, W 13,2
Current consumption of the network, and 0,036
The angle of the luminous flux of disclosure, Grad. 120
Luminous flux 1050
Number of LEDs, pcs 88
plinth 14/27
Dimensions (without package) mm 80 х 150
Dimensions (with packaging), mm 82 х 72 х154
Weight (weight excluding packaging) kg 0,17
Weight (with packaging) kg 0,33
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