LED lamps and bulbs E39 / E40

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Vixma lighting company engaged in production of LED lamps with a cartridge E40, and other types, types of LED LED lamps, which are available on our Russian market and, in general, in the world. On the site we place the most popular models. We produce lamps such modifications, thanks to our technical, engineering and production possibilities:

- With a constant / alternating current (AC / DC) 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 110, 220, 380

- The angle of illumination 5-360 degrees

- With power 1-500Vt

- All options for E14, E27, E40, MR11, G5.3 MR16, GU10, PAR30, PAR38, G4, G9, G13, G24, (T5, T8), G53 AR111 and other

- Made of fireproof plastic and aluminum, as well as various types of metals, including a combination of these materials

- Lamps, protected from moisture with IP65

- With reflennoy surface, matt, transparent

- Lamps with various sensors, such as motion, sound and illumination

- Using LED very different modifications (SMD, modules-watt) power units of various manufacturers

- The brightness of the diode 50-200 lumens / B

- Dimmable lamps, also with control lamp

- Explosion-proof lamps

The lamp was passed state certification, which means that they meet all the parameters of the state standards GOST system. In addition, the lamps have a unique number, marks and stamps on the guarantee and technical passport.

Replacing energy-intensive gas-discharge lamps series DRL250 DNAT250 and the system of external lighting to LED lamps with a cartridge E40, power consumption will be significantly reduced. At the same time quality values ​​will not decrease, and will be provided an extended period of operation without the need for special care and constant replacement of lamps illuminating devices. LED bulb E40 are ideal for a variety of street lighting devices.

Unlike DNAT250 lamps, these lamps are connected to 220V directly, and it does not need the installation of auxiliary ballasts with an igniter device, which can often fail, as it is sufficient headroom.

Lamp LED E40 will reduce electricity consumption by 8 times, with respect to the type of mercury lamp DRL 250.

Discharge lamps and DRL250 DNAT250 now commonly replaced with modern LED lamps with E40 socket, they are ideal for street lighting and significantly save costs for energy and maintenance. Giving light no less discharge lamps and they do not require frequent replacement. Very convenient that the LED lamp with E40 socket is suitable for all outdoor lighting.
Another reason for the transition to the LEDs, the fact that they are connected directly to the network 220 and additional equipment is required, while for DNAT250 lamp ballasts necessary with an igniter device, which requires frequent replacement, and are large. And compared to mercury lamps DRL250 lamp E40 reduces power consumption by eight times.
SL30-E40 at work consumes 38-40 BT and the efficiency is 90%, and DRL250 - 250 W (in practice 330 W) at an efficiency of 65%. With such a small power consumption luminous flux E40 is very high, better than DRL250, although the LED lamp he 2600 lumens, while the mercury is five times higher.
This high performance LED lamps provide special design with a large number of LEDs, and each has its own lens. This feature makes the flow of light is brighter, because It gives directional flow, and discharge lamps light scatter.
In LED lamps E40 outdoor use, there are other positive characteristics. They are able to provide smooth operation and under difficult climatic conditions, can withstand temperature extremes from -40 to +50 Celsius. Ten-year service life makes them the leaders among their peers. A surge voltage when the missing. Durable vandal-proof housing made of polycarbonate material retains lamps and elements from mechanical damage.
Advantages of LED lamps with E40 socket before relatives DRL250 face:
- Savings on energy costs of 80-85%
- LED efficiency ten times higher
- Special recovery is not required, since they are environmentally friendly
- It is not difficult to calculate savings lamp for a year!
manufacturer's warranty for the LEDs 3 years, but experience has shown that they are capable of working more than 10 years, it is true to the age of ten, a little lost brightness.
LED bulb E40 - a significant savings, practicality and durability in street lighting, roads, houses adjoining areas and parks.