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LMS-20-40 - a powerful lamp LED lighting that allows you to replace the lamp series DNaT70 or DRL125 in lamps for street HUS, CGS. This LED lamp LMS-20-40 series is the most advantageous embodiment of the lighting device in the socket E40 (under the order E27) and, with respect to sodium or mercury lamps with high-pressure, can reduce power consumption.

Model number LMS-20-40
  (Analogue lamps DRL-125, DNaT-70)
Colour daylight white
Color temperature, K 3000-7000
Number of LED units. 20
Power, W 20±0.2
Luminous flux 2000
Voltage, 220
Material Aluminum, plastic
Operating temperature -30 +55°C
plinth Е-40 (Е-27)
Protection IP-60
Weight, kg 1


Note significant advantages of LED lamps in this series

- For the environment, they are completely safe (does not need disposal)

- The heat low (the scope of the lamps increases)

- Noise is completely absent (in the process of exploitation there is no unpleasant sounds)

- High color rendering, soft light and no flickering

- No UV radiation (and thus, there is no harm to health)

- Operating voltage range is wide enough (80 to 230)

- Saving energy, electrical power (75%)

- Durability (resistance to vibration and shock resistance)

- Safe operation (supply voltage is very low)

- Long service life (up to 100 thousand hours.)

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