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Lamp DRL-125 and HPS-70 installed in street lamps or HCS CGS, you can replace powerful lighting LED lamp LMS-28-40. This is the most cost-effective option in the base fixture E40 and this lamp can significantly reduce power consumption, for example, as compared with sodium, and high pressure mercury lamps.


Model number LMS-28-40
  (Analogue lamps DRL-125, DNaT-70)
Colour daylight white
Color temperature, K 3000-7000
Number of LED units.  
Power, W 28±0.2
Luminous flux 2800
Voltage, 220
Material Aluminum, plastic
Operating temperature -30 +55°C
plinth Е-40 
Protection IP-60
Weight, kg  

A new generation of light sources, namely, Led LMS series lamps are replacing the classic incandescent lamps, energy saving, and fluorescent. LED lamps come in all shapes and sizes, and can vary in color glow. However, each has an internal power supply that makes it possible to connect the LED light source directly to the mains 220V.

For a number of advantages appreciated LED lamps. The ability to save energy, because the energy they consume much less. Led Economy lamps: low cost (. On some models the price of 1 rub) and service life - about 10 years. Optimum performance, reliability, and do not harm the environment. The composition of these mercury lamps not included.

All Lama LMS series are available with the following caps: E40, E14, E27. Having different functions in protection against humidity for lighting with E27 and E14. And for LED lamps with E40 socket adapter is required. LED lamps are used for different premises and street lighting. Make a bulk order on the purchase of LED bulbs for a very reasonable price, you can by calling or contacting by email.

Significant advantages of LED lamps LMS series

- Safe for the environment (recycling does not require)

- Minimum heat (expands the scope of the lamps)

- Absence of noise (in the application does not arise unpleasant sounds)

- Soft light, high color rendering and no flicker

- Ultraviolet radiation is no (not causing harm to health)

- Wide operating voltage range (80-230V)

- Durability (resistance to impact and vibration)

- Saving energy with electrical power (75%)

- Long service life (up to 100,000 hours)

- Safe operation (ultra-low supply voltage)

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