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Power, W* 150
Voltage, 220
protection class, IP 45
Luminous flux 15000
Viewing angle, gr 360
Color temperature, K 5000-6000
Service life, hours not less than  50000
Weight, kg 0,25
Dimensions in mm 132*132*310
Temperature, C от -20 до +40
Material Aluminum, thermoplastic
plinth E40
The manufacturer buytubes.com


As a light source LED lamps use LEDs - modern source of light radiation, which has many advantages over other types of lamps. In today's world it is more likely to use this type of lamp. They are designed for lighting of apartments, houses, offices and various types of enterprises, as well as outdoor lighting.

LED lamps are environmentally



pure light source, which is in demand among consumers.

For these LED lamps characteristic strength and durability. Having bought this lamp can be calm 10 years, because it is their guarantee.

LED lamps are easy to use and last a long time and consume little electricity. Environmentally even harm consumers, and has a leading position in the market among the various types of lamps on all the characteristics.

Today, the market represented a great variety of LED lamps. In particular, among the total number of lamps E40 can be identified, which can be bought at a bargain price. They are ideal for street lighting. Applying these bulbs in the lamp on the streets of your city forever forget about the dark streets with dark alleys. Lamps are very efficient, and does not consume a lot of energy. If you set this lamp LED lamp, you get lit space in a range of 120 m. around the lantern. Bulbs have a good light output of 1800 lumens. Even a small amount of lamps can illuminate the streets and do not require a huge budget costs. The more lights are installed on the existing supports.

These lamps are available with different types of caps, the largest base for streetlights or storage space instead of the outdated lamps with chuck e 40. For stable operation of the lamp enough standard voltage 220V. There are 2 forms of LED lamps E 40: Normal, as in the classic for us HPS lamps, and a modern form of "circle". At a time when the city's utilities will massively use LED lights, then the street will be more bright and appealing for an evening stroll. Nor may significantly save budget money for essential expenditure like public lighting.

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