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250 USD
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Power, W* 250
Voltage, 220
protection class, IP 45
Luminous flux 25000
Viewing angle, gr 360
Color temperature, K 5000-6000
Service life, hours not less than  50000
Weight, kg 0,25
Dimensions in mm 132*132*340
Temperature, C от -20 до +40
Material Aluminum, thermoplastic
plinth E40
The manufacturer buytubes.com


Name LED lamps naturally refers to a method of lighting, namely the use of built-in LEDs. In addition, these light bulbs are environmentally friendly devices. Led-lamp is considered to be an example of a modern, progressive technology for lighting.

About 10 times lower than its power consumption characteristics, given the characteristics of the classic bulbs. Led-lamp can be used both in industrial activity, as for street lighting in the home.

Due to the structure of the battery, the LED lamps can be connected directly to the mains. For the production of these lamps, the following caps: E27, E14, E40.

Led-lights are considered to be an excellent example of a cost-effective, comfortable and safe lighting. Considering their characteristics and responses of consumers, we can conclude that this type of lamp can easily operate 10 times and more years. Also it is necessary to designate that the cost of them is very low and may vary within 1-5rub. Security for the surrounding atmosphere, efficiency and durability of light fixtures with LEDs allow them to occupy a leading position in the market.


Note the LED lamp with a cartridge E40. The main purpose of this type of lamps - is street lighting, as they are required to be installed in street lights. It is possible to mount the lamp data in different lights on the streets. Energy-intensive gas-discharge lamps and DRL250 series DNAT250 are essentially nothing more than a semblance of LED lamps with E40 cartridge. In particular, in the console design luminaires HUS, lamp LED function directly from the grid 220, and the setting is performed so that precisely to bypass the internal electrical installation ignition similar gear.

Do not be put off the purchase of LED lamps E40. Replacing them may already be outdated DRL250, you save every day from 80 to 85% of your savings. Just imagine how much you can save for the long periods: for the week, month or year. And if you take into account the time that the discharge lamp operates in the 8-10 times less than the LED lamp E40? You will enjoy the figures obtained after calculation.

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