LED tube lamps T8 G13

LED tube lamps T8 G13

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Modern progress actively moving forward to replace the classic fluorescent tubes with fluorescent lamps has reached more advanced light sources. Such sources may include LED lamp T8, T5, which are used successfully in large-scale order, and in everyday life. More adapted to voltage drops and DC switch on or off, the lamp data are much more durable to use than their predecessors. They do not contain harmful chemicals, and thus ensure environmental safety during disposal of waste copies.

By the significant advantages of LED lamps is attributed outgoing light with a stable brightness without flickering effect, which protects the eyes from fatigue. Consumed amount of electricity these lamps, gas lamps below these a few times, so LED lamps can be attributed today to the most economically advantageous. To install the LED lamps do not need special equipment and instruments, because it easily can be mounted in the mounting predecessor, namely a fluorescent lamp, and it will not affect the quality of its future work.

It is also worth noting the high quality of T8 lamps, T5, which makes them highly resistant to various breakdowns and ensures prolonged use. The direction of the light rays of LED lamps arranged in such a way that they do not need any reflectors and napravlyateley. These advantages and simple operation make the LED bulbs the most popular.

Технические особенности светодиодных ламп Т5, Т8:

Такой вид светодиодных трубок не требует специальных добавочных приспособлений, ведь они без проблем вставляются в типичные гнезда и пазы. Период эксплуатации данных ламп варьируется от 50 тыс. до 100 тыс. часов с одинаковой яркостью, в зависимости от модели, условий эксплуатации, а также количества, размеров и типажа применяемых светодиодов. Свет белый холодный, а световой луч светодиодной лампы расходится на 120 град., что является обычным для светодиодных светильных устройств. Исключением считается несколько вариантов моделей, их угол света расходится уже до 170 градусов.


We are perfectly familiar with conventional and obsolete T8 fluorescent lamps - and it lights, which are mounted in a suspended ceiling system, Armstrong type 4 to 18. They are set about half a century in virtually all the institutions of our country - kindergartens, schools, hospitals, shops and there is no the room where the lamp is not installed, but all know perfectly well that these lamps are mercury vapor.
Light diode T8 lamp, or the light diode tube T8 fluorescent lamps are analogous to T8.
During the period of the light diode lighting lamp light diode T8 managed to increase its technical parameters at several times.
The advantages of the light diode lamp T8 is the lack of ripple factor affecting the human eye fatigue. Many of the proposed lamp has a frosted diffuser, allowing to create a soft and pleasant lighting.
Period of service in LED T8 lamp more than 50 000 hours, and is not likely to fail at the expiration of this period, and it expires just beginning, some, light, stream degradation process, that is a decrease, which is about 20% of the initial, and the vision of man is, in fact, is imperceptible.
The advantage is the use of small power, and for example, T8 fluorescent lamp 18 W and 600 mm, its analogue - T8 LED lamp 10 watts. Today features the use of light bulbs diode T8 having increased options for replacing old light bulbs fluorescent T8 18W, then the used light tube diode T8 9W with light flux of 950 lumens, which is a significant savings when paying for electricity and the flow of light at the same time increases.
To all, light diode lamp T8 does not involve hazardous substances in itself and there is no ciliated effect during operation, unlike other ordinary lamps. This criterion is necessary for the safety of radiation in children's institutions, in Medical Institutions. Special special disposal is also not necessary, but it saves time and money, it is crucial to choose the lighting in the budgetary organizations. It does not carry the damage to nature, even if just to bury it in the ground.
Mounting data bulbs entirely safe, responsible for all standards and requirements.
Opening of light emitting diodes in our lives as the source of illumination is a huge breakthrough and a great leap forward. Two types of light bulbs now developed diode, which differ in their appearance as well as their difference lies in the lens, as one type of lamp has a frosted lens, and the other is transparent.
The main and the main demand now exists in the LED light bulb with frosted diffuser type, since this lamp illuminates the comfortable, soft and smooth, without causing any discomfort to others.
Positive data lamps and that the light diode T8 unlike fluorescent lamps, have directed themselves illumination light from light emitting diodes, making it possible illumination of the surface on which they are installed, and can not scatter light in all directions.
The design of the light bulb diode lies in the fact that the light emitting diodes set in a flask, and regardless of their bulbs power amount capable vary. Bulb itself occupies only half the circumference of the lamp and a second part formed of aluminum and is represented by the radiator, whereby the LEDs and cooled. Most of the bulbs that produce today has the turning cap, whereby the installation of light bulbs in the lamp is not complicated at all.
Mounting such a bulb is very simple, and the lamp can not be removed from the ceiling, it is just necessary to turn off the ballast to lamp worked directly from the 220 watts. Then the light bulb is inserted into a conventional method in the standard cartridges, and thanks to swivel the cap, it is possible to fix in the required position.
In conclusion, it should be noted the price of light bulbs diode T8, which every year more and more reduced, and the merits of its installation becomes more.