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analogue LB 58 overall depth of 2.5-3 m.
Input voltage: AC 86-260
frequency Hz 50/60
Power, W 12+/- 0.5
Cap: G 13
angle: 120
Luminous flux lm 1900
Type of LED: 48sht. 3014 SMD
Color Temperature: K 2700-3500/ 5000-6000
ripple ratio:% <1
Color rendering index: Ra 70
Operating Temperature, C от -20 до +50
Material: Aluminium+PC
Dimensions: mm 600х27х27
Weight, kg 0,3


LED lamps - the new framework of modern lighting. Since the beginning of the earliest LED lighting fixtures based on their qualitative characteristics have improved many times. During the implementation of innovative solutions and testing of technology, these devices are gradually becoming more vibrant, efficient and functional. Today, our company is able to offer wholesale and private customers an extensive range of LED lamps with different parameters for the organization of all kinds of lighting projects.
LEDs have the best in comparison with similar performance, easy to maintain and versatile to replace the old-style light bulbs. The range offers options for indoor domestic use, so for office, industrial and warehouse space.

LED tube will serve as a perfect replacement fragile and quickly leaving the building with fluorescent lamps. This type of light is so widespread in Russia, more than 70% of all lighting is working with LEDs. Therefore nomenclature allows you to purchase LED tube for use in a variety of areas: creating a comfortable lighting in apartments and houses, administrative and municipal institutions, public recreation, decorative illumination of advertising objects and decorations night city.

The benefits of choosing LED Tubes
Advantages compared with fluorescent lamps are obvious, LED tube deprived of many deficiencies and have the advantages of:

-Term Their work repeatedly (about 10 - 20 times) longer than "life" of a fluorescent light bulb.
-saving Of electric energy is 60% versus energy fluorescent counterparts.
-Svechenie tubes uniformly and continuously, they are quiet in operation, it has a positive effect on human health, reduces eye fatigue persons working in areas with artificial lighting.
-Instant Momentary switch with full power illumination dial also is what sets this type of lighting devices.
-Neznachitelny Heating in individual gives an advantage, allowing to expand the possibilities of space, placing them near legkoplavyaschihsya materials.


17 march 2017, 14:14

Economical lighting for my office. Practical, modern. Ordered several lamps. Everyone works very well.

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