UNIPRO-120-2 LED T8 tubes with cap G13 1200mm 220V

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UNIPRO-120-2 LED T8 tubes with cap G13 1200mm 220V

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LED lamp T8 Series Unipro 120-2 is designed to provide lighting of office, residential, industrial premises. It is installed in all the classic lamps (LVO and LPO), where fluorescent lamps are used, the length of which is 1200 mm. LEDs type SMD, socket G13. A distinctive feature of this lamp, relative to the other - this is a turning base, has the ability to rotate 90 degrees.

A very well-known drawback of most types of LED lamps - it is a narrow range of the light beam pattern. Such flaws have virtually no T8 LED tubes.

This LED lamp model in its external characteristics similar to the classic tubular fluorescent lamp, which is used in various institutions and industry.

By implementing advanced LED T8 lamp, you can install the latest lighting, which is the most economical and durable to an unprecedented earlier. You need to remove the starter, looking at the following template. We recommend some of the latest model of LED T8 tubes. They differ from the other is the amount of brightness that is generated by a smaller or larger number of installed LED elements.

According to the diameter of the bulb T8 - 0,26sm, its length - 120 cm, light-emitting diodes (SMD type 3528) - 144 pieces, the voltage from 100 to 240V, power - 18W.


Electrical specifications:  
AC voltage supply, V: 187-264
frequency Hz 50/60
The power unit, W 18
Power factor, PF 0,95 +/- 5%
Temperature range, ° C  -20 - +50 °С
Class of protection against electric shock in accordance with GOST R IEC 60598-1-2003  I
Characteristics of light:  
Luminous flux 1391,5 +/- 5%
Color temperature, K 2700~3200/5000~6000
The angle of the luminous flux disclosure Grad 120
Color Rendering Index, CRI >72
Type of light intensity curve Cosine
Emission of the harmonic components of the network / broadcast GOST R 51318.15-99 -
overheating protection function there is
housing options  
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1265*370*385
Overall package dimensions (LxWxH) mm -
Weight, kg 0,283
Gross Weight 0,402
Bore diameter lamp, mm -
Protection class module, IP 65
Protection class unit, IP 67
Climatic performance -
Colour matt / grooved



• Extended service life

• Different color temperatures

• Modern heat sink technology

• Design new and high class IP

• Additional coverage required for different applications

The internal structure of T8 lamps:

A prism A.Polikarbonat

B.Alyuminievoe base

C.Silikonovy termosloy

Aluminum D.Zamok D-shaped

E.Kryshka PSU

F.Blok power

Application area:

  • Offices and communicating hotels
    Houses, stores, shops
    Garages, plants, plant


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